Sep 08, 2016 Mobile Marketing 0 comment

Range Rover Evoque: Evoque iAd


To generate awareness and excitement for the launch of its new compact sports utility vehicle Evoque, Range Rover created a rich, engaging, powerful mobile experience for iPhone and iPad using the in-app iAd network to target luxury vehicle shoppers.


The Evoque was developed with the goal of producing a smaller, more environmentally conscious luxury vehicle. To highlight its key product features — including design, luxury, breadth of capability, technology, and sustainability — Range Rover utilized all the unique technology of mobile devices in order to put the Evoque into the hands of drivers.

Working with Apple’s gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, and GPS features, the ad took the idea of a test drive to the next level. Once consumers tapped the banner ad within the app, they were transported inside the car, with a 360-degree view of the interior. As users moved the iPhone or iPad up, down, and around, the virtual interior of the Evoque moved with them, as if they were actually sitting inside the vehicle.

After a thorough inspection, users could continue the dialogue by locating the nearest retailer, opting in for more information about the car, or customizing their very own Evoque.


The Evoque iAd did just that — it evoked passion in consumers:

Users averaged 77.5 seconds on the iPhone iAd, beating the industry average of 60 seconds.
Consumers spent an average of 80.1 seconds on the iPad, compared to the industry average of 60 seconds.
0.59 percent tap-through rate, compared to industry 0.50 percent standard.
Views per visit reached 8.10, compared to average of 3.