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Apps, messaging and location are three growth drivers for mobile marketers

We have pinpointed three key developments that will dominate mobile this year and beyond.

The question is not whether these trends resonate with consumers – rather, it will be around how fast these trends and predictions take off and fly.

8 Mar


Consumers stick with what they know and the app graveyard continues to expand.

Last year, data from Adobe Digital Insights showed that while app launches grew at 24% year-over-year, app installs only grew 6%.

At the same time, five out of 10 apps are used less than 10 times.

According to Hannah Gilmartin, programmatic sales director EMEA for Vungle, the lifecycle of an average app can be six to nine months.

“In the gaming and entertainment verticals, we find that an app will gain a big following, drive many downloads very quickly and then experience a slow decline in the number of daily average users,” Gilmartin says.

At its peak, an app can have massive reach – but they can decline fast, which requires a new approach to media planning.


The first-ever mobile ad was sent via an SMS message back in 2000. Today, Snap, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook have taken over the mantle from those initial SMS ad formats.

Social networks have evolved from spaces where we interact with family and friends, to a channel for people to engage with brands.

We anticipate the same happening with messaging apps, as marketers begin seeing this as an optimal way to connect with customers on a one-on-one basis.


Mobile devices travel with the consumer and generate a lot of contextual data, much of which has been untapped.

I believe a lot in historical geo-location data. Where you have been reveals a lot about who you are.

Taking my personal example, if you looked at my profile, you would see that I frequently go to the movies.

You would also see (if you analyse my speed and route) that once or twice a week I go for a run.

These details can provide fantastic insights to brands that they would find incredibly valuable.

The power of these three trends will drive growth in mobile marketing in the coming years.