Mar 17, 2017 Mobile Marketing 0 comment

Leanplum: Emoji Push Notifications Increase Mobile Marketing Engagement

Mobile marketing company Leanplum is out with a new Mobile Marketing Trends report that “confirms the effectiveness of emoji push notifications in mobile communications.”


What’s behind the boom? This growth, Leanplum tells us, “is driven by consumer love for emojis and the emotions they evoke, and it is clear from the data — provided by Leanplum and App Annie — that emojis are more likely to influence conversions.”

The report provides a blueprint for organizations seeking to better engage their customers through more delightful and personalized communications.

According to Monday’s briefing, Leanplum’s mobile marketing platform is installed in one of every two smartphones worldwide, and tracks 10 billion daily user actions. This gives Leanplum a vast source of data intelligence on push notifications and their effectiveness on mobile marketing campaigns.

For this report, Leanplum analyzed over 2.6 billion push notifications, discovering that push notifications with emojis saw 85 percent greater open rates on average, compared to those sent without emojis. This validates that emoji-powered notifications are a great tool for engaging end users, and can lead to higher usage, loyalty, and conversions.

“Understanding how users respond to content is an important part of building a healthy relationship with them,” said Shipra Mahindra, Product Coordinator & Growth Marketer at Canva. “In a recent A/B test, we learned that including emojis with plain text in our in-app messaging lifts engagement more than including illustrative images. Thanks to Leanplum’s easy-to-use messaging solution and automated insights, we can effectively engage more users, with content that resonates.”