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QR codes

QR Code – Services

QR Codes bridge the real world with the digital world. They store data which can be retrieved just by scanning it using a mobile device with a QR Code Reader installed on it. MAD Technologies provides comprehensive set of tools and services to derive the full benefits of QR Code under the name LaibaQR

MAD QR comes with a QR Code generator and Tracking / Analytics tools. You can create QR Codes of various shapes and colors apart from the normal black-and-white ones. With robust and powerful analytics built into our platform, it provides you with the valuable data collected from a visitor’s journey between your online and offline media, like:

  • Who scanned the QR Code?
  • Where did they scan it from (geo-location)?
  • What time of the day was it scanned?

and many other such metrics. From now on you need not depend on guess work to figure out how your ad campaigns are performing. Sign-up now and start measuring the responses.

Pimp Your QR Code

Generally, all QR Codes look the same. In black and white QR Codes, your customers will not be able to differentiate your QR Code from that of your competitors. Is there a way to solve this problem of identity crisis? Yes, there is.

We provide designer QR codes whereby we create a hand-designed QR Code that is as unique as you or your brand / campaign. With MADQR, QR Codes will never be the same again!

Mobilize your Site

A QR Code campaign can be termed successful only if it leads the person scanning the QR Code to a content that is customized for viewing on mobile devices. Normal websites are hard to browse on mobiles.

To solve this issue we provide mobile website development services. Mobile sites are easy to view and browse on mobile devices. Plus, if a person is searching your product or service from a mobile device, search engines rank the mobile version of your site on top of your desktop website (or that of your competitors).

QR Code Campaigns

The tools on MAD QR help you roll-out QR Code campaigns on your own. But, if you find it a bit overwhelming we can help you with it. Just get in touch with us online, and we can work out the best possible use of QR Codes for you.