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5 Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that technology is everywhere, and people are now more connected than ever. In fact, 64% of Americans and 80% of online adults use smartphones to access information from airports and grocery stores to malls and coffee shops.

So what does this mean for you as a small business owner?

It means that you need to optimize your mobile marketing efforts, including tailoring your ads and promotions to better speak to mobile users. In order to better engage your mobile customers in a more meaningful fashion, here are 5 quick and easy tips you can start implementing today:

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Target Customers in Close Proximity

Research indicates that customers are more likely to visit your business if they are already in the area. That said, digital ads which are geo-targeted let customers hear about your business when they are in the area. You can even set targeting based on the type of service you are offering. For example, if you own a restaurant, you might want to target customers within five miles of your location. If you offer cleaning services, you might expand that to twenty miles.

Offer Wireless Internet

One way you can target users, and bestow upon them time-sensitive coupons (we will get to that next) is to offer a wide reaching wireless Internet for users. With this, mobile users who are connecting online will use your internet, see your business web page as the landing page, see your content, links to your social media sites, videos, and coupons, knowing that your business is just around the corner. With wireless Internet, you can automatically target customers who are in close proximity.

Give Them Coupons

Digital coupons, especially when used in conjunction with close proximity targeting, draw in users. 96% of mobile users and 70% of all millennials search for coupons when using their phones. If you can target users who are already near your business and give them a coupon only good for that day, or the next hour, you create a driving demand that encourages customers to head over to your business as soon as they start looking.

With coupons, work to make them enticing and time-appropriate. If, again, you are a cleaning service, then offer weekend discounts for the upcoming weekend, or a referral discount if a new customer uses your company. If you are a restaurant or a bakery, offer a lunch-time mobile discount or a late afternoon freebie.

Use Social Networks

Social media is EXTREMELY popular with mobile users. You might already have a business Facebook page or Twitter feed, but use it in conjunction with things like coupons. Use your social media pages to market time-sensitive coupons to mobile users who might not even be searching for your business yet. Again, for example, as a food based service, you might post a coupon for a lunch time deal on your social media, so that when the advertisement pops up on a customers newsfeed, they might already be in your area and now realizing that they need to eat.

Integrate Videos

Mobile users in particular prefer watching videos to reading text. This is often the result of being on the move. While moving around, walking, driving, etc., users can more easily watch a video than read small text that is constantly moving. Videos summarizing your business appeal can make a short and powerful statement. Post these compelling videos to your social network sites so that when users. By adding videos to as many locations as possible, you can give your potential customers the chance to view details about you on the go.