Mar 31, 2016 Mobile Marketing 0 comment

Case Study: McDonalds SMS Campaign


To increase voucher redemption rates and lure more customers



McDonald’s created a voucher campaign, which was integrated with a competition run through a local radio station. Listeners entered the radio competition by SMSing in their name. In reply, they received a confirmation of their entry with an SMS voucher attached. They could take this voucher to either of the two Bundaberg McDonald’s restaurants and receive one of three offers. Additionally, the customer was asked to reply to the SMS voucher with a “Y” to receive more McDonald’s offers, which most recipients did. McDonald’s was able to send out further vouchers just before lunch time.


Because every phone number is unique, McDonald’s collected names in their campaign, next time they may choose to ask for age, allowing better targeting and response rates. Because of the infiltration of mobile phones in society, it is a perfect promotional entry tool and voucher/coupon delivery and redemption mechanism.

By: Sam Balter