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Case Study: Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” Brand Awareness

Coca-Cola’s popularity had decreased among Millennials, so the brand developed a campaign to raise awareness and increase sales and brand love. Since the “Share a Coke” campaign had been a global success, the brand decided to adapt it for a younger audience. The campaign was further adapted as a mobile campaign that would target Mexican teens and young adults.



Target Audience:

Millennials are globally connected through their mobile phones. However, mobile experiences vary within Mexican youth culture based on household income. While some kids have a high-end mobile experience, others struggle to pay for Wi-Fi. Despite their differing experiences with mobile entertainment, Coca-Cola wanted to reach approximately 22 million Mexican Millennials.

Creative Strategy:

In order to reconnect with teens and young adults, the display advertising for the Share a Coke brand awareness campaign would need to be innovative and specially designed to captivate their attention and stimulate their emotions. The brand used search knowledge and contextual marketing to develop a campaign in which a person who searched for a Bruno Mars song on YouTube could “share a Coke” with him.


Overall Campaign Execution:

For the campaign, Coca-Cola found the top 100 searches on YouTube and created short ads with the names of the most-searched artists, athletes, and trending YouTubers. It also did something similar for Crackle, showing pre-roll ads that included personalized cans with names of the actors and characters. Additionally, the brand created banners for Yahoo! that were personalized for each user and optimized in real time.

Mobile Execution:

Coca-Cola wanted to connect with tech-savvy kids as well as those that were using their first smartphones or had limited Wi-Fi access. To do this, the brand partnered with mobile experts which could display high-quality resolutions with very low broadband needs.



This was the first time Coca-Cola created a campaign specifically for a Mexican audience. Reaching a broad audience with varying degrees of mobile needs was challenging, but Coca-Cola was successful by using YouTube, the second biggest online channel and the No. 1 entertainment reference in Mexico, as its platform.

At a time when Millennials had not been connecting with Coca-Cola, this campaign increased awareness for the brand. It took advantage of the insight that young people use YouTube as a music streaming service and then developed content that reminded them to share a coke with their friends.


Coca-Cola’s website received almost two million visits during the campaign, and more than 51 percent of them came from mobile devices. View KPIs increased by 4,000 percent, and the cost per view decreased to 2 percent of the initial estimated budget. Additional metrics included

  • 1.7 million users reached
  • 81 million media impressions on display
  • 175 million social media views
  • 3.2 million views for the TV commercial
  • CTV average of 3.98 percent during the campaign
  • 80 percent of target reached
  • 51 percent of website traffic from mobile devices
  • 44 percent of Mexico shared a Coke

Market Impact:

Due to the campaign, Coca-Cola’s brand love score was the highest it had been in three years. Brand awareness increased by 11 percent, brand preference increased by more than five points, and “For someone like me” indicators went up three points.

Courtesy: MMA Global