Aug 04, 2016 Mobile Marketing 0 comment

Johnson & Johnson: ZYRTEC AllergyCast App with Symptom Tracker


ZYRTEC AllergyCast is the first app that is able to learn what people are allergic to and then teach them about the pollen that triggers their symptoms. The app triangulates pollen and weather data from across the U.S. with how specific users are feeling to determine what is causing their allergies.


The app provides users with a daily log to track how they are feeling when they are experiencing allergy issues. It then processes this data visually, so that users can share it with their doctors. The pollen and weather data used to determine what is causing the user’s allergies is collected from over 10,000 data stations through the U.S.

The app is also a game, which helps to keep users coming back. Every time users log their symptoms, they unlock a spin-to-win game, as well as unique tips that are relevant to their specific allergy needs.


AllergyCast has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. It’s the No. 1 branded allergy app and a top 25 weather app. Users spend, on average, 15 minutes with the app per month.

By: MMA Global