Aug 15, 2016 Mobile Marketing 0 comment

Kontor Records GmbH: Back to Vinyl — The Office Turntable


As the music industry becomes more and more competitive, recording labels are looking for new ways to promote themselves, including by reaching out to brands through their ad agencies. Unfortunately, creative directors receive so many promotional items daily that it can be challenging to cut through the clutter. Kontor Records GmbH decided to combat this by sending out vinyl discs, along with the world’s first “office turntable” to play them on.

What makes Digit’s program successful

The turntable was made out of an envelope that had a QR code printed on it. The creative directors simply had to flip the envelope over, activate the QR code with a smartphone, put the vinyl disc on the turntable, and then place the phone over the disc to play it. Each disc could play multiple songs and linked back to the Kontor site. As a result, the mailing offered the recipients a simultaneous analog and digital experience.


Challenges in developing this mailing included:

  • Finding a mailer large enough to hold the vinyl disc that would also immediately capture the interest of the audience.
  • Ensuring the QR code would work on all smartphones and play multiple tracks.


Out of 900 mailings, 71 percent of them were activated. Forty-two percent of the recipients have also visited the Kontor site.