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5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is Essential to the Modern Marketplace

SMS marketing has been around since the 90s. Until recently, it was viewed as a bit of a niche tool. Now that businesses have realized how powerful it is, SMS marketing has experienced a surge in popularity. The simple fact is that the modern marketplace is changing, and Text has become one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. When executed correctly, SMS marketing is more powerful than any other method of digital outreach.


1. SMS is Mobile

These days, mobile content is king. Traffic from phones and tablets now exceeds that from desktop sources. While PPC marketing, SEO, and web design scramble to catch up to the rapid changes in how we access information, sending and receiving text messages is a reflex that is natural to most consumers. There is no special training or explanation necessary, your audience will know exactly what to do with your message.

2. SMS is Read

Take a look at the stats of your mailing list. Even with a list of engaged readers, you’ll be lucky to hit a 30% open rate. SMS marketing, on the other hand, has an open rate of 90% within 3 minutes of sending the message. Most consumers have their mobile phone on them at all times, and receive notifications whenever a text message is delivered. Plus, SMS is a somewhat uncommon promotional method, so user’s inboxes aren’t flooded with promotional material. For the time being, SMS marketing is the most effective digital marketing technique you can employ.

3. SMS is Reliable

With an email campaign, you’re constantly fighting against spam filters. Even if you have a list of engaged, double-opt-in leads, a portion of your messages are going to miss the inbox. You never truly known how effective a campaign is going to be, making it hard to justify investing in an email list. But SMS is incredibly reliable. Users can opt-in and out instantly. This means that when you send out an SMS campaign, you’ll have 100% certainty that every subscriber on your list will receive your message.

4. SMS is Trackable

Is that SMS marketing is an untraceable channel. Sure, you might not get the level of detail you have with Google Analytics, but most of that data would be irrelevant for SMS. You have the ability to track all of the meaningful metrics of your campaign. You can see, in real time, how many messages have been delivered and how many have been read. You are also able to track customer engagement through responses and conversions. In fact, it’s even possible for you to create targeted campaigns that will allow you to gain a further understanding of your mobile database.

5. SMS is Engaging

Consumers are more willing to engage with businesses through text than through any other medium. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, consumers are five times more likely to respond to a text message than an email. For them, SMS is easy. Responding to a message just takes a few quick taps. Compared with other marketing strategies such as interstitials and pop up advertising, SMS marketing harbors positive feelings with clients instead of frustration.

By: William Morrow